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How to stop traffic jam and save the world (video)

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We want to develop a hitchhiking service for the mobile internet. This can drastically reduce the carbon dioxide produced by traffic.

But we don´t know how to write this app, so we need your help


Wikit: How to stop traffic jam and save the world from wikit org on Vimeo.


Our business model: Let the customers decide, where to spend the profit

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When wikit is profitable, we let our users decide how to spend the money. They can donate their fees to an organization or project they like.

Every organization can build a page, where they explain their projects and ideas. They create a unique TAG for themselves and can promote the TAG to their supporters. The customer can edit his profile and change where he wants to spend up to 100% of the money.

In this model wikit will only be a TAG (but the default TAG) like every other organization. To prevent bankruptcy we will be very transparent and the customer will know how long we will survive.

We will use this system even to expand our business. If there is a new idea to solve a problem, we will create a special TAG “wikit_project” and if users like the idea they can donate to its budget.


This is the best marketing instrument ever! We can use the networks of all the organization to promote our service. Their supporters can donate money without much effort. If they join wikit, the mass will follow.

We help people to make a better world. Even small regional projects, like “building a playground” can get the money they need, if they find enough supporters. Some projects will start as an idea, but maybe the supporters become a community to solve the problem.

No politicans inside!

Written by Alex

August 24th, 2009 at 9:14 am

How to become very, very, very rich… not!

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Where does the money for this company come from?

We take 1% of the transportation fee. And there are many cars out there.

Around the world, there were about 806 million cars and light trucks on the road in 2007; they burn over 260 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel yearly.


If only 1% of this Gasoline is payed by a passenger we get:

1 Gallon = 3$

260,000,000,000 * 3$ * 1% (Users) * 1% (Fee) = 78,000,000 $

78,000,000 $

with only 1% market share and without ripping of the customers.

But where will all the money go, if nobody gets fucking rich?

The people working on the project get paid fair, some Money will be invested in new projects, but if we have enough money for the project, the cardrivers will decide where they want to donate their 1%. Whether it’s Greenpeace, a local Hockey Team or an  artist.

Written by Alex

August 19th, 2009 at 7:58 pm

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